It can be very daunting and stressful to create material for your niche as a new Internet Marketer. Before you spend your time and money into creating material read this post to ensure your on the right track. Traffic to your lead page and website is crucial to the success to your online business.

“What do my potential customer want to read?” “What format?”, “What is the current trend or need?” “What information adds real value to a potential customers business?”
Where do I start?!!

This article is part of a 5 part series to assist you in learning the important factors behind the psychology of marketing and sales. This will allow you to hone in your message to the right audience, to maximise your leads and sales for your business. It’s not hard to learn, understanding of the important factors, consistent practice and measuring of your results will turn you into a lean mean marketing machine.

One of the key elements on becoming a lean mean marketing machine is your skill of locating keywords that potential customers from your selected niche are searching for on Google. Keywords are crucial to grabbing the attention of your audience aka your niche. Its like going fishing, it doesn’t matter how great your bait is, if your location is wrong you won’t be catching anything that day and will be eating takeaway pizza for dinner.

The Attraction Marketing fundamentals not only give potential customers from your nich valuable information for free they also can access your information easily if its positioned well in the search engine.

Some background information on Google’s search engine set up.
Google is the largest advertising agency in the world because approx 70% of people prefer to use Google for their searched. To keep Google competitive they need to provide their searchers quality information. This keeps advertisers keen to advertise on Google.

What happens when a search is promoted by a viewer?
Once a keyword phrase is typed into the Google search field, the Google Spider (sometimes called Webcrawler) searches the web for the keywords that have been typed in. The search engine then indexes the information the spiders retrieve according to a number of factors;
• Keywords
• Content
• Links
• Quality of Links
• Activity on your pages.

As an Internet Marketer, how does this benefit me?

You need to get your bait in front of as many fish as possible. The keywords you use in your title and through the body of your message will have to align with the above-mentioned elements to gain a good position on the Google search results.

I think the most challenging part as a new kid on the Internet Marketing block can be selecting the right keywords, so take note of this exercise and practice, practice and practice. Be creative and come up with as many keyword combinations as possible, then test out whether they are viable to use. Why? Because all your hard work will come undone if no one reads your material.

Exercise 1 Answer these questions first.
Here’s an example- You are a wholesaler for Women’s Shoes and you would like to promote your new line on the internet. Your keywords are going to be around ladies typing in keywords or sentences like;
Sexy high heels & Leather high heels.
Refer to this video for a live example on how you use the Google Keyword Tool to access these two options.

Exercise 2
Now its your turn, write down as many terms and phrases you can think of that relates to your niche. Go the Google Keywood tool and access how suitable those terms are to use.

• Keywords selection is crucial to being ‘seen’ on the internet.
• Google ranks videos very high based on your keywords.
• Write down your keywords, go to the Google keyword tool, find out the monthly search volumes and compare it to the amount of results found when searched in Google and if advertisements are being placed on the page.
• Practice, practice, practice.

Honing this skill will allow you to create true leverage on the material you create because there will always be potential customers locating your information. Good Luck :o)

What’s next;
Part 4 of the part 5 series will be about how to structure your article or blog. Its called Attraction Marketing Article Writing Tips.

Stay tuned for the video series that will be based on the same series.

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