What is an effective way to structure your article so you can introduce yourself as the expert, provide a unique perspective and keep the readers interest long enough for them to want to learn more about you? A big task if you’re a newbie but rest assured these tips will make you a lean mean marketing machine in now time.

This article is part 4 of a 5 part series to assist you in learning the important factors behind the psychology of marketing and sales. This will allow you to hone in your message to the right audience, to maximize your leads and sales for your business. It’s not hard to learn, understanding of the important factors and consistent practice and measuring of your results will turn you into a lean mean marketing machine.

How I start my article? What Topic should I write about? Does Keywords matter with an article?
Here are the tips in the order to help you build your article.

1. Define your niche or audience? The following questions can help prompt your customer profile. Who will want to read this information? What’s important to them right now? Above all, what struggles do they face?

2. Select your Keyword phrase. What are the keywords that will attract your potential readers to your article based on who you defined in question 1?

3. Select your title utilizing your keywords. Your content really needs to be in sync with your keywords. Why? I think it’s annoying if your looking for something in particular in Google, you select the link, start reading the article and the writer goes on another tangent. A title in the form of a question is interesting for a potential reader. Its human nature to want to find out the answer.

4. Select your Topic. We are now at the stage of our training series where its time to select a topic. (Goes to show there is a lot behind what goes on before this stage). If your struck for ideas, you may want to think about what your main concerns were when you started your business? What are the solutions you have found for these questions.

5. Article Structure. Your articles can be diverse in how you structure your content.
a. A how-to article. – Have you learnt about how to use a new application you can share with your viewer?
b. A review – Look out for review options for keyword phrases. You could provide a review on your business model or something about your business.
c. A problem, then solution article – Identify an issue your reader is facing, capture the emotion tied into that issue and provide a solution.
d. A comparison article. As your learning new concepts and techniques you can share your knowledge about the differences between the two and what you represent.

6) Its time to write your article!! Here is one suggested format.
1. Introductory paragraph – Here’s why you need to know/learn this.
a. This is the pain you are going to avoid.
b. This is the positive result you will achieve by reading on.
2. Here’s What it is.
a. The Theory.
b. Concepts/Stories.
3. Here’s the how to.
a. Provide Action Steps
4. What if.
a. Go do this right now.
b. Closing paragraph. Provide a summary of the main points of your article.

7 . Distribute your article to the following sites.
Provide links to your article on your social media pages. Reschedule these links so once every month to two months your promoting your material.

The time is now! It’s very important that you create as many articles as possible. It’s through practice that you will get better over time. Don’t wait till everything is absolutely correct until you publish. Try and give yourself a time limit so you can get the habit of running through these steps quickly so you can get to content building.

Exercise 1 Answer these questions first.

1. Select an issue or concern you had when you started your business and the solution you located.

2. Go through the above steps and create your article. Send me the link and I will leave comments.

• Your customer will only buy from you when they know you, like you and trust you.
• Provide your potential customers with valuable information, mix a bit of your personality into so you are providing unique perspective while assisting them with answering their concerns.

What’s next;
Part 5 series will be about….Tips on Video Marketing

Stay tuned for the video series that will be based on the same series.

Other titles to assist with building of your article;
Introductory paragraphs

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