What would happen if Michael J Fox’s character from Back to the Future 2 Marty McFly became an MLM consultant and was stuck in 2010?

I have recently read an ebook called ‘The Attraction Marketers Manifesto from Ann Sieg. This is slightly amusing to me because this is the free ebook I offer people when they want to learn more about what I do and I actually hadn’t read it and was surprised of the quality of information when I finished reading it tonight.
It’s easy to over complicate things in this world. There are lots of questions from business owners….What is important to customers in 2010? Why are old MLM methods so outdated? How can you create momentum so customers seek you out instead of you having to chase them? How can you stand out from the crowd? How can the ‘average Joe’ take these learning and really make a difference in their business?
I have had limited experience in the MLM industry. I think I was involved with a particular company for about a year, so I combined my memories and some examples Ann explained in her ebook and have created a new scene from the movie Back to the Future 2 with Michael J Fox (aka Marty McFly).
Marty is an MLM consultant transported from 1980 to 2010… (add the swishing sound of the car taking off here and tacky 80’s music)…
Marty lands in Los Angeles in June 2010 and finds out that he is stuck in this time zone because Dr Emmett Brown has fallen ill and can’t assist him in returning to 1980. Marty is a little stressed but acknowledges that he needs to do his best to make the most of his current situation.
Marty finds a place to live and gets to work. The MLM Company he was originally involved with is still running and he joins them as a new member.
He struggles with a list of warm contacts, (give him a break, his from the 80’s) and does the best he can. Marty ensures he identities any opportunity where he can discuss his product or opportunity into a conversation with any new acquaintance.
Marty meets a girl called Alicia. Alicia tells him she is an ‘Internet Marketer’ and doesn’t provide a lot of detail about what that entails, Alicia appears to be very passionate about her business. Alicia offers to provide Marty with a few ebooks to help promote his business, but Marty doesn’t understand what that means and declines politely. Alicia is a nice girl with an infectious laugh and he likes to hang around her so he is interested in learning more about her.
Marty and Alicia start to hang out, they go to the movies. Alicia finds Marty interesting. She is not sure what it is but there is something different about him.
The difference in Marty and Alicia’s approach to their businesses is huge. This is obvious purely by the way they both utilize their time and the ROI (Return on Investment) difference between the two models.
Dr Emmett Brown is still sick so Marty foresees he will be in 2010 for longer than he expected. Marty is getting a lot of knock backs, people are weary and do not want to commit to a time to conduct a home meeting, Marty persists and is progressing well. Alicia and Marty spend the day together, Marty does enjoy his time with Alicia and gets a bit distracted throughout the day, his concerned because the amount of time he has spent away from his business. Marty promises himself that he will work extra hard tomorrow to make up for it.
Alicia’s working hours are flexible. Its easy for Alicia to arrange her day so she can get what she needs done and spend time with Marty. Alicia uses various marketing methods to support her sales. Alicia can afford to take time out, technically though her business is always open because she has a website, in the afternoon she takes a quick look at her email account on the way home and notices there have been a few sales and more leads while she was spending time with Marty.
Dr Emmet Brown recovers and arranges to bring Marty home. It’s a sad farewell and Marty is tempted to apply what he learnt from Alicia in 1980!!
In Summary, Marty works long hours for very little money in comparison to Alicia.. It’s very important for your business, time and resources that you evolve with the current marketing strategies available. Don’t allow your business to be left behind. Its imperative for the success of your business to become a part of the information age.

Select this link, provide your name and email address to obtain your free copy of the ebook called ‘The Attraction Marketers Manifesto from Ann Sieg.
Read it and let me know what you think. I do believe its valuable information to help you with your business.

Be bold, take action.

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