Online Business Boot Camp- Day 1

The most valuable piece of advice you will ever get

So you want to fire your boss (or your employees)? You want to make a fortune from home, spend more time with your kids, doing the things you love, and retire in style? Have millions invested — your money working for you? Live a life of luxury and leave a legacy?
Who doesn’t?
Well I have some GOOD news and some BAD news for you…

The BAD news is that it’s not as easy as it sounds to setup and build a successful online business with a strong passive income.
If you are looking at an opportunity that promises to be “so quick and easy that anyone can make $$$$$ online in only a few hours per week”, avoid it like the plague. The word that applies to this kind of “opportunity” is SCAM. On that note, “quick”, “easy” and “free” have no place in the same sentence as “lucrative business opportunity”. And the type of person who is lured by these promises is not someone you want to do business with either.

Have you considered the following;
How do you generate leads?
Do you use offline or online advertising?
How to you effectively follow-up with your prospects?
How do you know if there’s actually a market for your product?
How large should your marketing budget be if you want to make
$50k/month or more?
How do you make ads FTC compliant so that you stay of out hot water with the Government?
How do you leverage your time with a personal assistant? Where do you find one?
What should you do with the money you make so you don’t blow it all like most people do?
How do you train your team so that it duplicates your success?
How do you leverage your time and resources so you’re not working 70 hours a week?

There’s a lot to it, but the good news is that I am here to help you, and I have the resources to share with you created by some of the best of the best in the world when it comes to this type of business.
If you’ve ever pursued a home business before, then this information is going to feel like a completely honest, open, and revealing breath of fresh-air, compared to some of the information (ie rubbish) you’ve probably heard in the past.

I want to take you through sevenday email series. Today is your introduction. Before I get into the good stuff in the coming days, I want to just share a dose of reality with you to set the framework for the future editions to come.
You’ll find that for better or worse, nothing will be held back. I’m going to walk you through my marketing process. I’m going to show you how I generate leads. I’m going to let you see my websites and I’ll explain their purposes.
I’m going to show you how to build a pipeline of prospects, and then how to market to them correctly using automated tools, and then finally, I am going to show you how to leverage personal assistants that will cut your work load to just two or three hours per day.
My goal, is that by your 7th day, this business and what I do will become REAL to you.
Too many times, too many people get sucked into hype and taken by empty promises like, “This product literally sells itself”.
Well guess what … that kind of talk and positioning does nothing but attract bad karma, false expectations and lazy people with a lottery mentality who don’t want to DO anything.
The vast majority of people who end up starting a home business do so because they get all hyped-up about some “super” new product that they think will overtake the market and make them millions in the process.
The fact is, that’s not how it works.
The only way you’re ever going to make REAL money… we’re talking $250,000, to multiples of that, is to do one single thing …
And if you’ll sit back and really absorb the meaning of what I’m about to share with you, money will never be an issue for you again.
So here’s the most valuable piece of business advice you’ll ever get …

“Increase your personal value to the world.”

Yes that’s it: “Increase your personal value to the world.”
Did you ever consider that the amount of money you make is a direct measure of your worth to society?
Well it’s true, and if you want to increase your income, you’ve got to increase your value to others. Once you do that, money starts coming at you like wouldn’t believe. Business becomes a piece of cake.
It all comes down to “social dynamics.”
You see, people like to work with, learn from, and buy from people who can offer them real value. People are looking for a leader, that is, someone they perceive as being able to help them to get what they want.
And guess what, if you are perceived as a leader in your field, the product or business opportunity becomes secondary in the eyes of your prospects.
It’s an instinct and a part of our very genetics because associating ourselves with people of means and power (i.e. leaders), increases our chances for survival and prosperity.
In essence, when you increase your value to others, you never have to “sell” anything. People approach you. Your become a prosperity magnet.
On the other hand, if you don’t have any real value to offer someone, they’ll take their business elsewhere.
That is the problem for everyone when they join their first network marketing company. They have no experience of network marketing, and haven’t made any money in it, so how on earth are they going to persuade anyone else to join them?

An online business mentor can help you get set up quickly with a known and tested approach with additional help from network marketing affiliate to help fill this gap. Personally, I had no value of my own (in this industry at least) to offer my prospects right from the get-go, what I did have was a powerful marketing education system that allowed me to learn how to develop my personal brand, and position myself as a leader online which is what I will be sharing with you.

But while you can lean on your peers and their branding to offer value to your prospects, the “personal value” maxim still applies. Some people don’t realise that its even more so when you are working online. People love automated systems, but they also love to do business with real people. And make no mistake, building strong personal relationships is critical in any type of business.
Whatever business you’re in, it’s vital to constantly increase your value. The more value you bring to the table, the higher your earnings will be.

So where to start?
The first place is in your head. If you’ve never been a successful business owner before, how can you expect to think like one? The answer is, you can’t. It’s simply not possible.
That’s why it’s imperative to prepare your MIND for success.
In order to increase your value to the world at large, you need to increase your personal value to yourself first, i.e. in your own mind.

“Think And Grow Rich” is a classic, as is “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind”. Bookshops are full of these types of self help books (I’ll be sending you through a couple of free ebook to get you started, so stay tuned). And they are invaluable.

Just reading this material is not enough however. Every day, it is vital that you put what you learn into action, and become the leader you would want to follow.
Simply having the discipline to do this will position you ahead of 97% of other people.
Once your mind is ready, education is the next step to increasing your personal value to the world. And education in the home business industry means knowing how to MARKET.

And I’ll be sharing more of that value in the next article in the series “Self-Employed And Rich” …

Find out why less than one in one thousand people will ever make six-figures in this industry, and what you can do to ensure you’re in the winning category.


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